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13. For purposes of deducing the properties of the antineutron, one may cancel a proton from each side of the reaction and write the equivalent reaction as π + →= p n. Particle properties can be found in Tables 44-3 and 44-4. The pion and proton each have charge + e , so the antineutron must be neutral. The pion has baryon number zero (it is a
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Unformatted text preview: meson) and the proton has baryon number +1, so the baryon number of the antineutron must be –1. The pion and the proton each have strangeness zero, so the strangeness of the antineutron must also be zero. In summary, for the antineutron, (a) q = 0, (b) B = –1, (c) and S = 0....
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