ch44_p42 - with appropriate values of p (so that G p = ¦...

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42. (a) Eq. 44-14 conserves charge since both the proton and the positron have q = +e (and the neutrino is uncharged). (b) Energy conservation is not violated since m p c 2 > m e c 2 + m v c 2 . (c) We are free to view the decay from the rest frame of the proton. Both the positron and the neutrino are able to carry momentum, and so long as they travel in opposite directions
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Unformatted text preview: with appropriate values of p (so that G p = ¦ 0) then linear momentum is conserved. (d) If we examine the spin angular momenta, there does seem to be a violation of angular momentum conservation (Eq. 44-14 shows a spin-one-half particle decaying into two spin-one-half particles)....
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