recitation1 - chase more macaroni and cheese than the rest...

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Review and Examples Subject Risk of Stroke Age Blood Pressure Smoker 1 12 57 152 No 2 24 67 163 No 3 13 58 155 No 4 56 86 177 Yes 5 28 59 196 No 6 51 76 189 Yes 7 18 56 155 Yes 8 31 78 120 No Elements: Variables: Observation 1: What type of data do you have ? 1. Does the data have the nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio scale of mea- surement? 2. Is the data qualitative or quantitative? 3. Is the data cross-sectional or time series? 1
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Example : The Wall Street Journal subscriber survey asked the following questions. State whether each of the following questions provided qualitative or quantitative data and indicate the measurement scale appropriate for each. a. What is your age? b. Are you male or female? c. When did you first start reading the WSJ ? High school, college, early career, mid-career, late career, or retirement? d. How long have you been in your present job or position? How did you obtain (or will you obtain) your data ? 1. Through existing sources 2. Experimental study 3. Observational study Example : Suppose you want to know whether American college students pur-
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Unformatted text preview: chase more macaroni and cheese than the rest of the American population. You select 500 Americans to participate in a survey. You ask each partici-pant whether they are a college student or not, and how much macaroni and cheese they purchase per month. 2 Statistical Inference 1. What is the difference between a population and a sample? 2. What is the difference between a survey and a census? 3. What is statistical inference? Example : A bank wonders whether omitting the annual credit card fee for customers who charge at least $2400 in a year would increase the amount they charge on its credit card. The bank makes this offer to a sample of 200 such customers. They will then compare how much these customers charged this year with the amount that they charged last year. 1. What is the population of interest? 2. What is the sample? 3...
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recitation1 - chase more macaroni and cheese than the rest...

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