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Unformatted text preview: City Albany Boise Cleveland Denver Des Moines Detroit Los Angeles New Orleans Portland Providence Raleigh Tulsa High 9 32 21 37 24 20 62 71 43 18 28 55 Low -8 26 19 10 16 17 47 55 36 8 24 38 In this data set we have the daily high and low temperatuers cities. 6. Make a scatter diagram for the high and low temperatures would you describe the relationship between the high and low temperatures? 7. Compute the correlation coefficient for high and low temp What does this number tell you about the relationship between high and low temperatures? daily high and low temperatuers for 12 U.S. r the high and low temperatures. How high and low temperatures? oefficient for high and low temperatures. lationship between high and low ...
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