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miniproject6 - and 500(b What percentage of students score...

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Mini-project 6 1. Given that z is a standard normal random variable, compute the follow- ing: (a) P ( z > 1 . 43) (b) P ( z < 2 . 32) (c) P ( - 0 . 46 < z < 1 . 80) (d) Find z such that the area to the right of z is 0.33. (e) Find z such that the area to the left of z is 0.45. 2. Assume that the test scores from a college admissions test are normally distributed, with a mean of 450 and a standard deviation of 100. (a) What percentage of the people taking the test score between 400
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Unformatted text preview: and 500? (b) What percentage of students score below 300? (c) If a particular university will not admit anyone scoring below 480, what percentage of the persons taking the test would be acceptable to the university? (d) What score would a student need to score in the top 10% of scores? 1...
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