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recitation14 - include the variable names(d Click the...

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Review and Examples Between-Treatments Estimate of Variance Within-Treatments Estimate of Variance The F Test The ANOVA Table Fisher’s LSD Procedure Example : Job satisfaction was measured for a sample of 10 individuals from each of the following professions: Lawyer, Physical Therapist, Cabinetmaker, and Systems Analyst. Higher scores mean higher job satisfaction. The data are in the file SatisJob.xls. 1
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1. Use Excel to obtain the ANOVA table for this data set. (a) Click “Data” -→ “Data Analysis”. (b) Select “Anova: Single Factor”. (c) Click in the Input Range box and then highlight your data (don’t
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Unformatted text preview: include the variable names). (d) Click the bubble next to Output Range, and click in the box to the right of Output Range. On your spreadsheet click a blank space where you want your ANOVA table to appear. (e) Click “OK”. 2. At the α = 0 . 05 level of significance, test for any difference in the average job satisfaction among the four professions. 3. Use Fisher’s LSD procedure to determine which means are different (use α = 0 . 05). (Hint: Use Excel to compute the ¯ x ’s.) 2...
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