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66. (a) The electron e c is a distance r = z = 0.020 meter away. Thus, E c = e 4 πε o r 2 = 3.60 × 10 6 N/C . (b) The horizontal components of the individual fields (due to the two e s charges) cancel, and the vertical components add to give E s, net = 2 e z 4 πε o ( R 2 + z 2 ) 3/2 = 2.55 × 10 6 N/C . (c) Calculation similar to that shown in part (a) now leads to a stronger field 4 3.60 10 N/C c E from the central charge. (d) The field due to the side charges may be obtained from calculation similar to that shown in part (b). The result is
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