ch22_p89 - 89(a Using k = 1/40 we estimate the field at r =...

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0 Ek q r == × F H G I K J × ≈× 2 9 12 899 10 002 . (. Nm C 45 10 C m) 11 0NC . 2 22 3 (b) The field described by Eq. 22-3 is nonuniform. (c) As the positively charged bee approaches the grain, a concentration of negative charge is induced on the closest side of the grain, leading to a force of attraction which makes the grain jump to the bee. Although in physical contact, it is not in electrical contact with the bee, or else it would acquire a net positive charge causing it to be repelled from the bee. As the bee (with grain) approaches the stigma, a concentration of negative charge is
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