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58. None of the constant terms will result in a nonzero contribution to the flux (see Eq. 23-4 and Eq. 23-7), so we focus on the x dependent term only. In Si units, we have E non-constant = 3 x i ^ . The face of the cube located at x = 0 (in the yz plane) has area A = 4 m 2 (and it “faces” the + i ^ direction) and has a “contribution” to the flux equal to E non-constant A = (3)(0)(4) = 0.
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Unformatted text preview: The face of the cube located at x = 2 m has the same area A (and this one faces the i ^ direction) and a contribution to the flux: E non-constant A = (3)( 2)(4) = 24 (in SI units). Thus, the net flux is = 0 + 24 = 24 Nm/C 2 . According to Gauss law, we therefore have q enc = = 2.13 10 10 C ....
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