POLI202 Notes - Impact of Court's Decisions

POLI202 Notes - Impact of Court's Decisions - o Does it...

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Impact of Court’s Decisions Public understanding of the Court o Do justices’ decisions improve public knowledge of the Court? No, because Court is more removed from public eye than other branches Most decisions are unknown to general public Most citizens cannot name current justices or select Chief from a list Most Americans lack basic understanding of Court’s powers Public is often given inaccurate info Poor media coverage Agenda setting often confused with decisions on the merits What he showed us with that is that when the Court is going through cases and deciding which to decide and they decide to not take a case, the media often reports that the Court has upheld the lower court ruling while it has not actually decided anything. He had lots of media examples from various outlets basically showing how the media gives credit to the Court for actions it did not actually take. Attitude towards the Court
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Unformatted text preview: o Does it affect what people think about the Court as an institution o Attitude towards Court determines how decisions are received o Ex: Bush v. Gore (2000) People who supported Court before saw a legitimate decision here (He didnt actually have data to back this up if I recall correctly) Opinions on Public Policy o Can the Court affect what people think about a particular policy? Court does not seem to affect what people think on a policy Affects how a policy is viewed or valued Change the intensity of opinions o Test: Does the Court change strength of opinions? o Abortion before and after Roe Examine difference between Catholics and Protestants Before: Catholics were opposed, 15% more likely to approve any type of abortion After: Catholics more opposed and to a greater degree Now 25% more likely to oppose all types...
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POLI202 Notes - Impact of Court's Decisions - o Does it...

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