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ch26_p58 - P ∝ R –1 a decrease in R will result in an...

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58. (a) We use P = V 2 / R V 2 , which gives P V 2 2 V V . The percentage change is roughly P / P = 2 V / V = 2(110 – 115)/115 = –8.6%. (b) A drop in V causes a drop in P , which in turn lowers the temperature of the resistor in the coil. At a lower temperature R is also decreased. Since
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Unformatted text preview: P ∝ R –1 a decrease in R will result in an increase in P , which partially offsets the decrease in P due to the drop in V . Thus, the actual drop in P will be smaller when the temperature dependency of the resistance is taken into consideration....
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