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Rec 280 Questions 10 Responses | Created by Simersidhu | Skip to Results | I am way too tired to make anything remotely funny or interesting to entice you further. I am sure you are just streaming with excitement on taking this quiz and if you fail, you suck. p.s. Some of these involve stuff we haven't covered or maybe it was in the destination slide, or the readings so just take an education guess and learn from it. p.s.s if you get something wrong and you're like what :S tell me, I may have chosen the wrong answer but I doubt it since I'm amazing Share This! 1 Which is NOT a positive economic impact of tourism? Increased tax revenues Increases opportunities for shopping Increased local population Low failure rate of investment Fast return on public investment 2 What do ecotourists look for? Areas of attractions of natural beauty Small group sizes and away from crowds Fun and enjoyment All of the above a) and b) only 3 According to the Economics of Tourism, what is an example of an inelastic product?
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Water Cruise to the Caribbean Pants or Jeans They are all inelastic products 4 The Fetishism of Tourism is the tourism/recreation activities in mask inequities and power relations. What are the three concepts in the tourist/recreation equation? Leisure time + Discretionary income + Motivation Leakages + Multipliers + Disposable income Leisure time + Multipliers + Motivation Motivation + Discretionary income + Public funds 5 According to Prosser (1998), there are three crucial relationship factors that impact tourism. Which one of these factors DOES NOT belong? The cultural distance between the hosts and the guests The rate of exchange made between tourists and the hosts The ratio of visitors to locals The speed at which tourism is introduced 6 Economic impacts can be grouped into three categories. Which of the following category does NOT belong? Induced
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Rec 280 Questions - Rec 280 Questions 10 Responses |...

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