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2 prepare a plan to minimize total cost using

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Unformatted text preview: linear programming. One can consider additional costs such cost of backordering, cost of adding or reducing workers. The text book discusses some of these. 19 20 Effect of set up time There is one machine in the shop to produce two products: X, Y. Product X (standard product): 4 min/unit. Product Y: 3 min/unit Machine available: 7 hrs/day, 20 days/month or 140 hrs/month. hrs/day, We must produce X and Y in the ratio 1: 2 Preliminary calculations: Machine Capacity in term of standard product: = 140 [hrs/month] * 60 [ min/hr] / 4 [min/unit = 2100 [units/month] Production time division between X and Y: We must produce X and Y in the ratio 1: 2. One unit of X will take 4 minutes and two units of Y will take 6 minutes. Therefore, the production time should be divided in the ratio 4:6 or 40% to 60%. Questions: Suppose there is 1 hour set-up time when you change products. set--- How should we schedule, and what will be monthly production if Part (a) We need to maximize monthly production. Part (b) We must produce both products daily. 21 Example: Effect of s...
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