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session 3 reading assignment - Kelsey Doddridge Session 3...

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Session 3 reading assignment January 30, 2011 1. “Theories help us describe and explain things along with making predictions and making policy recommendations.” (pg 35 of the text) Theories are basic assumptions that are grouped into 3 paradigms in world politics, realism, idealism, and ecological. These three paradigms are helpful in understanding political science because they tell us basic assumptions that human beings think under each category and based on those assumptions we can make theories out of them. Theories help us decide what choices to make based on policies that our government is trying to derive for the countries best interests. These theories also help us explain worldwide phenomenon such as wars and make predictions if they are likely to happen again. 2. Realism: . Greek Ideologies o We should not feel pity for rebels o People get what they deserve o Punishment is best medicine Modern Political realism o Realpolitick o Politics of the real e War is always a certainty Political realism today o Zero-sum game o Winner takes all, if one wins, other side loses everything o MAD e Battle between USSR and U.S. and nuclear weapons Idealism o Horrors of war o WWII e IMF e
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session 3 reading assignment - Kelsey Doddridge Session 3...

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