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OBHR_429_Syllabus_Spring_2011 - INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS OBHR...

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INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS OBHR 429 Spring 2011 COURSE INFORMATION Professor: Benjamin Dunford, Ph.D. Office: Rawls 4028 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Phone: 496-7877 Office Hours: By appointment Course Website: http://katalyst.mgmt.purdue.edu/ Class Time: M,W - 10:30 AM-11:45 AM Class Location: Rawls RAWL 3082 Assistant: Janet Yoakum Office: 471 Krannert E-mail: [email protected] Office phone: 494-8503 REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS Harry C. Katz, and Thomas A. Kochan (2004), An Introduction to Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations. Irwin-McGraw-Hill, Third Edition. Note: There is a newer fourth edition of the text (2008), which you are welcome to purchase, but the material we will be using did not change substantially in the revision. Therefore I will be teaching out of the third edition which is considerably less expensive. Course packet with selected readings and cases. COURSE OBJECTIVES N To provide you with a sense of labor history and acquaint you with statutory, case and administrative law pertaining to labor relations and collective bargaining. N To help you understand the sources of bargaining power for unions and management. N To introduce fundamental practices and contemporary issues relating to union organizing campaigns and contract negotiations. N To engage you in a mock negotiation exercise so that you may experience the dynamics of intra- and inter-group bargaining.
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To provide opportunities for the further development of communication, decision-making, reasoning, interpretive and negotiating skills. LEARNING TECHNIQUES To accomplish these objectives, a variety of learning techniques will be used including lectures, readings, videos, written assignments, class discussions of short cases, and small group activities including mock negotiations. The material to be covered at each class session is noted on the schedule that follows. GRADING Exams, Assignments and Grades: Two exams (80 points each) There will be two exams in this course: a mid-term and a final. Both exams will consist predominantly of multiple-choice, short answer and essay questions. The final exam is not comprehensive. The mid term will be in class on March 7, 2009. The date, time and location for the Final exam will be announced at a later time (as indicated in the Purdue final exam schedule). Twelve (12) in-class exercises (4 points each for a total of 40 points;
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OBHR_429_Syllabus_Spring_2011 - INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS OBHR...

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