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MGMT 451 - Spring 2011 - Strategic Analysis HW Templates a

MGMT 451 - Spring 2011 - Strategic Analysis HW Templates a...

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1 MGMT 451 – Strategic Management Strategic Analysis Templates For Homework & Case Assignments Note: From the case information we may not be able to fill in every data cell. Consider what is known and what is most important. These formats are intended as starting points, they may be adapted to specific case situations. Take care to maintain the key concepts of the analysis framework. All work should be typed
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2 Summary of Frameworks and Purposes Name A.k.a. Internal/ external Main Purpose Stakeholder analysis internal & external Determine who the main stakeholders are. Evaluate whether specific stakeholders may withdraw their commitment. (Figure 1.4) General environment external (general) Determine the main opportunities and threats from the general environment of the firm. (Figure 2.1, Table 2.1) Industry-level analysis Porter’s 5 forces external (industry) Evaluate the industry attractiveness. Determine the potential threats from within the industry. (Adapted from Figure 2.2) Internal analysis Resource Based View internal Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the firm. Determine whether there is a sustainable competitive advantage. (Adapted
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