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DISCUSSION QUESTION V Due Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010 Your firm is about to open a new manufacturing facility in Indiana. This plant will process corn, and convert it to sweetener. The sweetener is sold to other food manufacturers, and is a commodity (like corn or beans or coffee etc.). Thus the firm competes primarily on price. The production process is computer controlled and Capital intense, but not Labor intense. There will be 360 operators working in teams of about 20 members per team. These teams will do all of their own management tasks (managing within teams, between teams, and having a representative on the Plant
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Unformatted text preview: Operating Committee). There are no organizationally appointed supervisors, because all of the management tasks are done by team members who are first qualified and then elected by their team. Design a selection system for this organization. Be as through as you can concerning all aspects of the selection process. You may assume than you have the results of a well-done job analysis, which shows that these jobs are high on both technical complexity and managerial task complexity....
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