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DISCUSSION QUESTION VI. John is a newly hired college graduate. The CEO of the firm (a federal contractor with 2500 employees and $500 million in sales) has sometimes told John how “fine” he looks, that he is liked and “appreciated”, etc. One day the boss comes right out and says: “John, work issues aside, I find you exceptionally attractive, and would like to have a physical relationship with you. If you decline, I will be sure to see that your career will go on as I have expected . If you accept, you will find a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment in your life.” Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false, and write a short paragraph explaining why the statement is true or false: 1. This is “Quid Pro Quo” sexual harassment. 2. This is “hostile work environment” form of sexual harassment. (Note; it is one or the other, not both forms of SH. Which is the most likely? Pay attention to the quotation marks, and ask yourself how much power the CEO has.) 3. This is not sexual harassment if John’s boss is a woman.
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