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JOB DESIGN 2009 (student)


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THREE TYPES OF JOB (or WORK UNIT) DESIGN** (Chris Berger, 2009) 1. INDIVIDUAL SIMPLE (Scientific Management or Mechanistic) Few, simple tasks Knowledge, Skill and Ability in technology or management Tasks as independent as possible (interdependence managed by specialists/hierarchy Minimize Physical, Physiological and Information Processing Demands Low skill requirements minimize selection and training (why?) Low skill requirements minimize compensation Wage or salary Employee benefits Minimize total labor cost (# employees x average wage & benefit cost) MINIMIZE UNIT LABOR COSTS (How?) This job design often used when technology is ____________________ and firm is Competing on the basis of price
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2. INDIVIDUAL COMPLEX (Individual Job Enrichment or Motivational) Increase "core job characteristics " Skill Variety: The number & level of Autonomy : Control over Performance Feedback from Task Identity: Doing or understanding Task Significance : Contribution to Modest interdependence (managed by Increases KSA requirements substantially compared to Individual simple (or Mechanistic) Selection Training Career Development Increases compensation:
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