MGMT 301 - Management 30100 Management Career Lectures...

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Unformatted text preview: Management 30100: Management Career Lectures Spring 2009-10 Career Services Staff : Erik Props Assistant Dir., Undergrad Career Services [email protected] Judy Rife Career Services Asst. [email protected] Career Services: M – F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Krannert 361; 494-1688 2 nd Year GA’s Scott Bove Kyle Samuels Marshall VanNahmen 1 st Year GA’s Brandon Auger Anika Jackson Marc Kelly GA Office Hrs Jan. 11 th – Feb. 25 th (in katalyst) March 22 nd – April 29 th TBD Not available: Friday’s or March 1 st – March 20 th Text: The Center for Career Opportunities Career Planning Handbook 2009-10 Objective: This course is designed to help you with your career development process and job search strategies. You will develop skills to use throughout your job search process, gain knowledge that will benefit your career and learn how to prepare for career fairs and interviews. Classroom Standards: 1. During lectures you are expected to conduct yourself appropriately according to common standards of respect and courtesy for guest speakers and your classmates. Do not talk with others around you, read the Exponent, use a laptop, iPod or MP3 players. Such behavior is distracting, disrespectful, and rude to both the guest speakers and your classmates. You may have a cell phone with you but it should be turned off during class – no texting . 2. 3. Attendance: An attendance sheet will be circulated during class and signatures will be checked regularly. Falsifying a signature or signing and leaving are considered acts of academic dishonesty (see policy listed below). You must arrive on time and stay until the end of class or you will be counted absent. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late you will not be admitted to the class and you will be counted absent. You are allowed (2) absences before your final grade will be affected. If you have (3) absences you will be penalized one letter grade. A letter grade will be deducted for every additional 2 nd absence. There are no excused absences 4. Assignments/Projects: All course information (syllabus, assignments, and other course documents) and points are posted on katalyst. Additional course information or changes will be sent to your Purdue email. All assignments are due at the beginning of class unless otherwise indicated on the syllabus or announced in class. You will upload most assignments (refer to pg. 3 for details) to katalyst. Late assignments, including assignments turned in after class, will be penalized 20% of assignment total points per day. Late assignments should be delivered to KRAN 361 or emailed to [email protected] . 1 Attendance/Grade issues must be resolved within three weeks after being posted on katalyst. After the three-week time period the recorded points are final....
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MGMT 301 - Management 30100 Management Career Lectures...

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