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Resumes - grading (students)

Resumes - grading (students) - Resume Grading Guidelines 50...

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Resume Grading Guidelines 50 points total Points will be deducted for the following reasons: Leaving off contact information - phone # or e-mail address (- 5 points) Spelling errors (-2 points for each error, -5 points if same error repeated, for any spelling error make a notation that spelling errors normally result in immediate rejection of a resume) Lack of consistency (jobs, format, font, dates, etc…), general poor appearance, or artificial look, such as the use of a resume wizard (sliding scale between -1 to -5 points) Missing --- date of graduation (-1 point) Description of jobs not starting with action verbs / incorrect verb tenses (-1 point) Excessive white space (-1 point) Including zip codes on education address or work experience (-1 point) Listing numbers for your coursework instead of course titles (-1 point) Listing High School information under Education or activities unless high school information is of national significance(-1 point)
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