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CCO Express (Account Registration)

CCO Express (Account Registration) - KRANNERT SCHOOL OF...

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K RANNERT S CHOOL OF M ANAGEMENT U NDERGRADUATE C AREER S ERVICES R EGISTERING FOR CCO E XPRESS E NHANCED C AREER S ERVICES Effective fall 2006, Undergraduate Career Services entered a partnership with the CCO to schedule on-campus recruiting (OCR) interviews in CCO Express. These interviews will be scheduled like all OCR interviews; however, the interviews will take place in Krannert. We follow the same missed interview policy as the CCO; refer to the attached policy for detailed information. C REATE Y OUR P ROFILE Go to www.cco.purdue.edu Click on Students Click on CCO Express Log-in (train icon in left sidebar) Read the Participation Agreement Click on Create CCO Express Account Now o Enter your 10 digit PUID for both the username and password o Complete the profile. The profile does not save until fully completed (see selecting your major) o Double check your email address to make sure it is correct o CCO will email you with a password o Use your emailed password to login to CCO Express and then change your password to a permanent password you will use to access CCO Express Actively Seeking Status o Only check the actively seeking if you are looking for a position and your resume has been updated o If you are actively seeking CCO recommends that you grant permission to receive emails and to be
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