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Cover Letters - assignment

Cover Letters - assignment - • Qualifications •...

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Grading for Cover Letter Assignment - 50 Points Cover Letter (40 points) The letter is to be written in business letter format (Prefer the Header, Date, Address, Greeting, Paragraphs, Closing, Name, Enclosure start on left) Body of the letter * o Paragraph one introduces yourself and identifies the position and where you learned about the position. o Paragraph two (or more) should highlight your qualifications for this position. o Paragraph three should thank them for considering you and how you plan to follow-up and if applicable that you have also submitted your resume one line. Resume (5 points) Submit an updated resume so we can see how well your cover letter highlights your background. Information Sheet/Job Description (5 points) Include a sheet with information about the position addressed in the cover letter. This sheet should include some or all of the following: Job/program title Job/program description
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Unformatted text preview: • Qualifications • Requirements • Contact information • This does not need to be an official job posting Points will be deducted for the following reasons: • Not including your resume or a description of the position. (-5 points for each) • Leaving off your contact information (-5 points) • If it wasn’t address to a specific person (-2 points) • If the letter is not signed (-5 points) • Spelling errors (-2 points for each error, -5 points if same error repeated) * spelling errors normally result in immediate rejection of a cover letter Other considerations: • Introduction – how well did you introduce yourself and why they you writing? • Qualifications – how well did you outline and sell your qualifications? • Closing – did you mention a plan for follow-up? • General appearance and impression. Would you want to interview this person? • Grammatical errors...
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