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Sociology Notes Matrix of Privilege and Inequality 1. Multi-dimesnsional phenomenon (levels) a. Helps coordinate collective action b. Repetition of behaviors/symbols representing structure from it, ex. Hegemony c. Provides symbols/ideologies that explains systemic relations 2. Intersectionality- r, c, g, sexuality Collins- “standpoint” - historically shaped, GROUP based way of “seeing” o dependent on r,c,g and creates a tendency not a conclusion/fixed o can be achieved False consciousness - incorrect/inaccurate awareness, similar to “standpoint” - a way of seeing the world that is at goods or goes against your actual “true” interests - ex. Poor white guy is “better” than poor black guy by being white Controlling images- produced by dominant group and has the effect of naturalizing/rationalizing inequality - at the cultural/symbolic level - ex. Black sprinters won at Olympics at 60’s during civil rights Classification of images: -medium -producer -social effects - images that reflect and or reinforce existing hegemonic inequalities (relative to time) - images that challenge or critique existing counter-hegemonic inequalities (go against) Tendencies of controlling images 1. homogenize (put things together to lose differences ex. “Asian” “his panic” and latino) 2. objectify make group into object 3. naturalize make difference natural 4. co-construct (marked versus unmarked) multiple things made together a. marks one group as the “other” with other group as unmarked, neutral or center b. ex. Family “other” divorced, gay c. basketball other is women’s basketball Gendered ethnicities/racialized genders -gender is inflicted with ethnicity
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When do controlling images emerge? 1. Period of rapid social change 2. When dominant group is threatened/challenged 3. Contradictions/problems in social system are exposed “all men are created equal” Paper #2 -within 1 year context- where its from, details controlling image (matrix model ) link intersectionality (r,c,g) cite 2 readings controlling images- mascots
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soc 102 notes - Sociology Notes Matrix of Privilege and...

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