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Midterm 2 Topics

Midterm 2 Topics - Telomeres and telomerase(Lect 8 PCR...

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Lecture Topics Since Midterm 1 One Gene-One Enzyme Hypothesis (Lect 6) Inborn Errors of Metabolism (Lect 6) Molecular Basis of Dominant and Recessive Traits (Lect 6) Phenylalanine Pathway and Human Disease (Lect 6) Complete, Incomplete and Co-Dominance (Lect 6) ABO Blood Groups (Lect 6) Rh Disease (Lect 6) Holliday Structure and DNA modifying enzymes (Lect 7) Watson and Crick DNA Structure (Lect 7) Basic chemistry of DNA (Lect 7) Chargaff’s Rules (Lect 7) Weak bonds and interactions (Lect 7) Alternature Structures of DNA (Lect 7) 5-3 DNA synthesis (Lect 7) Meselson Stahl Semiconservative Replic (Lect 7) Semidiscontinuous Okazaki Fragments (Lect 7) Bidirectional Replication (Lect 7) DNA pol I and pol III (Lect 7) DNA ligase (Lect 7) Concurrent replication (Lect 7)
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Unformatted text preview: Telomeres and telomerase (Lect 8) PCR vocabulary and reaction (Lect 8) Repeated sequences in the human genome (Lect 8) Genetic profiling (Lect 8) Restriction fragment length polymorphisms - RFLP (Lect 8) Amplifide DNA Length Polypmorphisms - AmpLP (Lect 8) Molecular techniques (Lect 9) Gel electrophoresis (Lect 9) Southern blotting and northern blotting (Lect 9) 2-color microarrays (Lect 9) Fluorescent Dyes (Lect 9) Taqman probes and SYBER green (Lect 9) RT-qPCR (Lect 9) Transcription (Lect 10) Evidence for RNA (Lect 10) RNA holoenzyme (Lect 10) Sense strand and antsense strands (Lect 10) Promoter structure (Lect 10) Initiation (Lect 10) Elongation (Lect 10) Termination (Lect 10) Restriction enzymes, (Lect 12) Restriction enzyme mapping (Lect 12)...
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