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KNES200 copy - Review KNES200 Physical...

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Review KNES200 Physical Activity: -Exercise -training (exercise performed for the express purpose of conditioning your body to improve athletic or other types of performances) -health-related (exercise undertaken specifically to develop or maintain a sound working body free of disease and able to perform daily tasks and deal with emergencies) -therapy (exercise performed to restore capacities previously acquired or developed that have been lost because of injury, disease, or behavioral patterns) -Skill Movement (performances in which accuracy of direction, force, and rhythm or timing are essential to accomplishing predetermined goals) -sport (form of p.a. In which a person performs skilled movements to achieve a goal in a manner specified by rules, usually in competitive contexts -developmental skills (skills performed in non-sport settings to teach basic skills -Holistic Nature of Humans: -Holism (underscores the interdependence of mind emotions, body, and spirit because p.a. Is cognitive activity, emotional activity, and soul activity)
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This note was uploaded on 01/31/2011 for the course KNES 200 taught by Professor Hoffman during the Spring '10 term at Maryland.

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KNES200 copy - Review KNES200 Physical...

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