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KNES 293 Final Review- Race, Repression, Resistance, and Revolt Racial Politics (have and continue to characterize the history of sport in America) debates, relationships, and hierarchies between people who have been classified as being from different races some say biological differences (mental characteristics, brain size, skin color, nose shape, etc.) is the root of racial difference Enlightenment Thinking based on ideas about human equality and progress, and democracy “all people were members of a single biological species and 'united in a single brotherhood of common humanity” failed to dominate understanding of humankind Social Darwinism lent way to Scientific Racism in mid 19 th Century Race and Ethnicity race: category of people regarded as socially distinct because they share genetic traits believed to be important by those with power and influence racial categories: social creations based on meanings given to selected physical traits race is a social construct racial classification systems were developed as Caucasian Europeans explored and colonized the globe justify colonization, conversion, and slave/genocide white skin=standard, dark skin=intellectual inferiority race in the U.S. primitive but powerful classification system developed by white men to insure the “purity” of the “white race” and property control by white men racial logic commonly used in sport achievements of white athletes character, culture, organization achievements of black athletes biology, natural physical abilities meanings about racialized bodies were played out in the sporting arena and were clearly related to societal meanings and structures ethnic group: a socially distinct population that shares a way of life and is committed to the ideas, norms, and things that constitute that way of life Boxing black participation prevailed as boxers were perceived as being desperate young men recruited from the bottom layers of society—symbolic racial victories for whites Black Athletes Jack Johnson Johnson and The Great White Hope can Jeffries (white) restore the Caucasians the crown of elemental greatness. ..mental as well as physical superiority? Johnson won which incurred the wrath of white population, as well as the black middle class, but he was a hero to the black working class because of his ill manner, defiant, sexual prowess, racial superiority, and antagonistic attitude towards white authorities Jack Johnson's Legacy exaggerated fear of race riots was used as an excuse for excluding African American from
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competing for the heavyweight world championship for 22 years Louis allowed to compete because he demonstrated that he was humble, quiet, unassuming, and deferential Jessie Owens and Joe Louis different than Johnson because they adopted a compliant manner with members of the dominant culture which concealed their drive for recognition
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KNES293 final review copy - KNES 293 Final ReviewRace...

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