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Psych 100 - want to get rid of the behavior or phobia...

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Psych 100 3-3-10 classic conditioning- development of phobias development of sexual fetishes role in advertising factors that effect learned response: timing relationships btw. condition stimulus presented and unstimulus presented 3 timing factors: simultaneous conditioning occurs when cs and ucs start and stop at the same time short delay conditioning occurs when the cs starts before the ucs trace conditioning occurs when cs begins and ends and than the ucs begin -plays a role with memory of cs (can manipulate delays; which is most effective) In order to become a condition stimulus, neutral stimulus must become something novel, unusual, or enhanced. Extinction (unlearning):
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Unformatted text preview: want to get rid of the behavior or phobia continually present cs w/o the ucs causes the response to get weaker until the response disappears – problem spontaneous recover: sometimes response comes back but weaker than first response (have to constantly repeat to fully extinguish response) Stimulus Discrimination: with proper training gain the ability to distinguish between different stimulus ex: dog can discriminate btw. time and specific noise (it can distinguish what time and noise a cupboard will open for food) Stimulus Generalization: response is generalized to other stimuli ex: fear of one bridge will generalize to other bridges...
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