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Lab 4 Student Notes - Lab 4 Frog Cardiovascular Physiology...

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Lab 4 Frog Cardiovascular Physiology: Wet Lab (Exercise 34A) Computer Simulation (Exercise 34B) A. Special Electrical Properties of Cardiac Muscle: Automaticity and Rhythmicity B. Structure of the Frog’s Heart and Nervous Stimulation of the Heart - 2 atria - 1 ventricle - parasympathetic stimulation via vagus nerve which will slow or stop heart (but vagal escape {which may be from sympathetic reflexes or initiation of a rhythm by the Purkinje fibers} will cause the ventricles to begin beating again). C. Baseline Frog Heart Activity D. Refractory Period (so the heart doesn’t go into tetanus) E. Vagus Nerve Stimulation - slows down and may eventually stop the heart (unless we have vagal escape) [vagus nerve is parasympathetic and releases ACh and slows the heart down] F. Assessing Physical and Chemical Modifiers of Heart Rate 1. Temperature Effects - cold Ringer’s solution - warm Ringer’s solution 2. Pilocarpine [parasympathomimetic drug] stimulates effect of parasympathetic nerve(vagus) stimulation by enhancing ACh release - decreases HR (slows the heart down) 3. Atropine (is a drug that blocks the effect of ACh from the parasympathetic nerve (vagus)) - increases HR - antagonist to pilocarpine 4. Epinephrine (use to keep the heart going) - increases HR and force of contraction - increases excitability of SA node and increases rate and strength of contraction - sympathetic
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Lab 4 Student Notes - Lab 4 Frog Cardiovascular Physiology...

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