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BIS101-001 Lectures Spring Quarter 2009 Potential Topics for Midterm 1 Lecture topics since first lecture: Genotype/Phenotype, definitions (Lect 1) Genotype to Phenotype is nonlinear (Lect 1) Modulating and potentiating factors (Lect 1) Nature and source of genetic variation (Lect 1) SNPs, alleles and heterozygousity (Lect 1) Genomic architecture, genetic admixture (Lect 1) Complex/polygenic traits and gene networks (Lect 1) Epigenetics/epigenomics definitions (Lect 1) Systems biology and the “omic” technologies (Lect 1) DNA as the genetic material; characteristics (Lect 2) Experimental evidence for DNA as genetic material (Lect 2) Biotechnology, applying the knowledge of biology (Lect 2) Mendel’s 1st and 2nd Laws of Inheritance (Lect 2) Using crosses to infer the nature of inheritance (Lect 2) Test Crosses and recessive traits (Lect 2) Mitosis and Meiosis (Lect 2) Mendelian inheritance and Chromosome Theory (Lect 2)
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Unformatted text preview: Cell cycle and chromosome replication (Lect 2) Product and Sum Rules, definition (Lect 2) Application of Product and Sum Rules (Lect 2) Chromatin structure (Lect 3) X linkage, evidence for genes on chromosomes (Lect 3) Cytological evidence for gene on chromosomes; attached X (Lect 3) Chromosome Theory of Inheritance (Lect 3) Sex determination and X-linked diseases (Lect 4) Pedigree analysis can reveal genotype (Lect 4) Dosage compensation in humans and flies, (Lect 4) Chromatin modification; histone acetylation (Lect 4) Genetic mosaicism and nondisjunction (Lect 4) Intra- vs Interchromosomal recombination (Lect 4) Intrachromosomal recombination in meiosis Mapping genes based on recombination frequency (Lect 4) Mapping with 3-factor crosses (Lect 5) Mapping function (Lect 5) Interference calculation (Lect 5) Chi square (goodness-of-fit) test (Lect 5)...
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