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Author Name(s) Reading Response Your Name Here Here are the instructions for formatting your reading response and the instructions for what should be included in your response. Use the headings illustrated on this page. Use APA format for citations within the response and for documentation in the References section of the reading response. APA Reference Guidelines are located in Bb Quick Links, in the folder “College of Business Writing, Formatting, and APA Guides.” Put the author's name in the title (For example: Goldsmith Reading Response). Include a brief introduction paragraph, telling what the reading response is about. There is no need to have a heading for this introduction. Major Points Briefly summarize (three paragraphs) the major three points that you find most interesting in the article. Provide an introduction to this section that previews the points you will cover and
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Unformatted text preview: use a second-level heading for each point. Agree/Disagree and Perceptions Do you agree with these main points? Why or why not? Having read the article, do you see something differently from the way you saw it previously? Explain. Personal Experience Synthesis and Plan Relate how specific information from this article will help you in your cluster work this quarter and in your future career. Share how you plan to use this article to improve your performance. Don't forget to include a brief conclusion paragraph that ties the paper together. If you go to a second page, please include a header with page number. References Place in this section the (APA formatted) bibliography source for article reviewed. Also include bibliography sources for additional readings used in the synthesis. For example: Goleman, D. (2000). Leadership that gets results. Harvard Business Review , 78-90....
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