Suppose you manage the Purchasing department for a chain of coffee shops like Europa CafeÌ

Suppose you manage the Purchasing department for a chain of coffee shops like Europa CafeÌ

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a. The skill level is very important for the employees. First, the employees need to know how to using the system. Then they need to know how to manage inventory database and how to process payment. Second, the employees need to have the ability to work well with others. Third, employees need to have the conceptual skills. They need have the ability to see the system as a whole and understand how all the parts affect each other. Hire the high skill level employees could save a lot of time and money, also make the working process faster and easier. b. Perhaps I need amount of employees who specialized with the whole process of this system. c. The employee must professional and loyal. Also, they must have the knowledge about the coffee shop. d. A manager should help and guide the employees to understand the whole process of the
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Unformatted text preview: system. It will help the employees to adapt to their job fast. e. The employees must be able to control themselves. Only in that they can operate the system well. If I were the manager, I will give the employees more autonomy to motivate their potential. f. The manager should have some flexibility, but it should not be unlimited. If I were the manager, I will control the flexibility because the application is so important to the purchasing department. I extremely worried about more flexibility will generate several mistakes during the purchasing process. While being left out of the requirement-definition process, I will try to find where the problem is and using the knowledge I got from questions above to involve in the requirement definition....
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