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Unformatted text preview: Chapter One Introduction to Database Processing • ANSWERS TO GROUP I QUESTIONS 1.1 Why is database processing more important today than ever? In recent years the explosion of the Internet and the dramatic development of new technology for the Internet have made knowledge of database technology one of the hottest career paths. 1.2 State the purpose of a database. The purpose of a database is to help people and organizations keep track of things. 1.3 Summarize problems that can occur when using a list to keep track of some-thing. Problems occur when changes are made to the list. If multiple copies of data occur in the list, the change must be made to each copy of the data. Problems occur when data is delete data. It is possible to delete data about one object in the list and loose data about a second or third object in the list. Problems occur when we want to add data to the list. If some data in the list is missing, we may not know exactly how or where to store the data that we do have. Lists can also contain inconsistencies. If data is stored twice but the data does not have the same value, we cannot tell which value is correct. Sometimes what appears to be an inconsistency may actually be data that represents two different meanings of the data. When data is missing from a list we cannot tell if the missing data means that the data has no meaning for a particular row in the list of whether we simply do not know what the value of the data should be. Problems also occur when we share data in a list. These problems involve such things as who determines the format for the list and even the data within the list, who is allowed to modify, delete, or add items to the list, and who is allowed to see the list. Problems also occur in lists because lists typically contain data about many different themes . 1.4 Based on your answer to question 1.3, when do you think it is appropriate to use a list to keep track of something? A list may be appropriate when the list will contain data about a single theme and the data is not shared between multiple users that with different objectives for the list. Use the following list when answering questions 1.5 to 1.9: Adviser Adviser Phone Student Major Dept Head Jones 221.2345 Parks Accounting Greene KwaiI 223.4444 Stein Info Systems Masters Rosenbloom 281.3944 Johnson Accounting Greene Rosenbloom 281.3944 Gonzales Accounting Greene Jones 221.2345 Rickey Accounting Greene 1.5 Describe problems that can occur when an adviser changes his or her phone number. 1-1 Chapter One Introduction to Database Processing Using Jones as an example, if you do not change Jones’ phone number in both the first and last lines, you cannot tell which phone number is the correct phone number for Jones. In this example, since the phone numbers would be different, you may not know that the Jones in the last line is the same Jones as the one in the first line....
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exch1 - Chapter One Introduction to Database Processing •...

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