105%20Chapter%201 - Notes from every chapter in the book...

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The Nature of Technology * Exhilarating and terrifying * Remarkable, marvelous * Downside of Tech 1) Global Pollution 2) Overpopulation 3) Threat of nuclear annihilation 4) Social disturbances (automation = lost jobs) 5) Tech sometimes fails dramatically, i.e Challenger and Columbia tragedies, Bhopal chemical leak, radiation cloud from cherynobl. * Technology, nevertheless, is viewed in a FAVORABLE light. * Positive achievements out-weigh the negative ones. -- BUT, based on faith, not understanding -- Most of us are poorly informed spectators -- This inability to understand technology has its problems (Ignorance) -- It is still possible to better understand the major causes and cones- quences of technological change. * Definition of the word “Technology” -- “tekhn” – an Indo-European word meaning woodworking, art, craft -- “tekne” -- Green word meaning art, craft -- “Texere” -- Latin word meaning “to weave.” -- Eventually, the word became used to mean fabrications or construction. -- The word “Technology” was first used in a book by the English author, Jacob Bigelow. -- The capacity of human beings to employ technology sets us apart from all other creatures. Beavers = dams, Otters = crack seashells, chimps = use sticks to get termites. BUT… No other animal comes close to humans in the ability to create tools and techniques and no other animal is so dependent on them. -- The development of technology is, in large measure, responsible for the survival AND the expansion of our species, even though we lack many of the innate abilities of other animals. = Not as fast as the Cheetah = Not as strong as the Elephant = Not able to leap as well as a Kangaroo = Not able to fly like an Eagle – We are not among the 25% of the animal kingdom which can fly. -- EVOLUTION = A) the Body, B) the Brain = Humans have the ability to gain and transmit knowledge AND to use that knowledge to develop tools and techniques. = This ability – to use learning and pass along that learning
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105%20Chapter%201 - Notes from every chapter in the book...

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