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Hss 105 – Chapter 4: Scientific Knowledge and Technological Advances * Most people think that technology is “applied science.” * The development of the transistor required knowledge of quantum mechanics. * Synthetic materials arose from science research. * However, when the full spectrum is considered, science does NOT play that significant a role. * History -- We say in our definition of technology that it is based above all on the application of knowledge. But not ALL knowledge is derived from scientific research! -- Ancient Greeks – astronomy, optics, acoustics and mathematics = But also innovative in construction, mining, refining of metals, agriculture and military equipment. NONE OF THESE RESTED ON SCIENCE ! -- Romans = engineers (aqueducts, roads, fortifications), not scientists -- Middle Ages = Technological advances = agricultural practices, new sources of power (water and wind mills), horse collar to harness horse power, soaring cathedrals (the designers of the cathedrals didn’t even know the multiplication tables!) -- 1500’s and 1600’s epochal advances in science, yet technological changes occurred at a slower rate! -- Our era is unique = simultaneously support scientific and tech- nological advances -- A great deal of technological change takes place without substantial inputs from science. = Seen in the top 20 weapon systems = Seen in study of recipients of the Queens Award in England. * How Technology differs from Science -- Differ in basic natures -- Science researches for knowledge for its own sake. -- Technology researches to GET SOMETHING DONE! -- Different Motivations!
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105%20Chapter%204 - 1 Hss 105 Chapter 4: Scientific...

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