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Chapter 6: Technology, Energy and the Environemt * One consequence of industrialization and technological development Is the destruction of the natural environment! -- A ruined environment is its legacy! -- It will sorsen as more nations use more industrial technologies -- The United States: 5% of the world’s population used 30% of the world’s resources !!! -- The general trend is inescapable! -- The use of coal, gas and oil by developing countries will TRIPLE by the year 2020, intensifying the assault on the environment! * Two categories: pollution and depletion -- Pollution: addition of harmful substances, resulting in a) polluted skies, B) acid rain, C) contaminated water, D) possibly climate change. -- Depletion: A) permanent loss of resources, B) de-forestation, C) extinction of plant and animal species. -- Sometimes the two go together: for example, in the mining of coal – strip mining, then fouling the air and water with pollutants. -- BUT … Technology can be part of the solution! -- Fossil fuels (petroleum, coal and natural gas) gave the world great energy, but polluted the environment with carbon compounds, sulfur and oxides of nitrogen. -- In 1995, 6,000,000,000 tons dumped into atmosphere – ONE TON FOR EVERY PERSON ON EARTH! -- Smog over our cities. What’s more frightening is the creation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) ! This occurs when the carbon in gasoline, coal or natural gas unites with the oxygen in the air during the process of mobustion. BURNING ONE POUND OF GALOLINE CREATES THREE POUNDS OF CO2! -- CO2 is a clear, odorless gas; it itself it is not a threat; it is found in carbonated drinks, BUT … along with the CO2, ozone, methane, chlorofluocarbons and oxides of nitrogen cover the earth! We actually create a greenhouse effect, trapping heat. WE ARE FOULING OUR NEST! -- It is suspected that our climate IS and WILL BE affected. We are already. Scientists say thaqt the earth is 0.6 degrees centigrade warmer than 100 years ago! Man is responsible. -- In some places they’re experiencing far warmer temperatures than ‘normal.” Dallas has 100 days of 90 degress plus! If the trend continues, Dallas could get 162 days! -- It would influence air currents, rainfall patterns, leaving some areas wetter, others drier. Major crop areas are/could be affected. 1
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The North may be better off for farming, in the near future. -- $200 Billion would have to be spent to re-route irrigation around the world! -- We’re seeing partial melting of the polar icepacks – coastal areas could be severely affected. It is suspected that by the year 2100, there will be a rise of 1.4 to 2.2 meters (one meter = about one yeard!). Coastal cities could disappear and farming could be destroyed in low-lying areas of Asia. -- Oceans now have 50 times as much CO2 as the atmosphere!
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105%20Chapter%206 - 1 Chapter 6: Technology, Energy and the...

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