105%20Chapter%2010 - Chapter 10: Technological Change and...

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Chapter 10: Technological Change and Life on the Job * Manufacturing literally means “production” of something by hand . Manu- facturing has been going on since the dawn of human history -- In the mid-1700’s, manufacturing really accelerated because of the Industrial Revolution, but by small and slow steps. Other steps were more dramatic. -- The Industrial Revolution transformed the way things were made and with them, the way people worked. -- This happens today; technological advances changes the nature of work. * Industrial Production -- Requires large amounts of energy . . = Previously, A) Animal and Human muscle, B) Burning of wood and other plant products. -- Water: first new energy source = Water wheels, but produced little power for milling. Continued to be important well into the 1800’s -- Steam Engine: Originally designed to pump water out of mines. The Steam Engine was made more efficient by JAMES WATT in the late 1700’s. He also designed linkages and gearing system so the up and down motion could change into a rotary motion. Now, new types of machinery could be powered. -- Among the most important machines were those which made identical parts. Pull blocks were produced for the British Navy -- There was a NEW SETTING FOR WORK = THE FACTORY! The factory was a large building where 100’s or 1000’s worked. = People worked no longer as self-employed. = They worked for a business as a wage earner = They were separated from their employer. = They were hired by an impersonal labor market = They worked detached from their social roles and responsibilities = A hierarchial command structure was created with written rules, strict job definitions, bureaucratic procedures and the pre- cise scheduling of work. The clock and the whistle control- led their lives! * Machine-paced Labor -- The Industrial Revolution made work more REGULAR. -- Machines had to be operated constantly – sitting idle, they earned no
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105%20Chapter%2010 - Chapter 10: Technological Change and...

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