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Chapter 11: Printing * Of all media (video, CD’s, computer discs, electronic books, etc.) NOTHING equals the printed word as a rapid, cheap and portable means of storing information -- Printing is one of the most significant technological innovations of all time. -- Written language = hallmark of civilization! -- Spoken language is BASIC in all human societies! -- Some 5,000 languages are spoken in the world today; only a small percentage are written! Only recently have verbal languages been put into writing, largely because of the work of missionaries. -- In ancient Egypt, Babylonia and China – writing was used for = communication among government officials = financial accounts = spiritual purpose. -- Writing allowed for the recording and the diffusion of central concepts -- Writing was used to dominate others, i.e. priests of Egypt had calendars to “predict” flooding and other events, so the priests were consid- ered indispensable. * Printing Revolution -- Effects of written language were minimal when the written language was understood by only a few. -- Common people did not have time, or the need or (it was thought) the ability. -- Written material was rare and costly (they were laboriously copied by hand). -- The ability of memorizing was greatly developed. The people had a super ability to memorize. This preserved the laws, ceremonies, stories, even our own Bible. -- Movable type printing : It originated in the Orient; the Chinese used individual pieces of clay. They used a rotating type frame so they could pick out the pieces. -- In Europe in the 1400’s playing cards and pictures of the saints were popular. Wood-block printing used to produce small books with just a few lines of print. Each page was carved out of a single block of wood. They also used copper plates. Engraving was very, very labor-intensive. -- Then, individual pieces for letters were used over and over.
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105%20Chapter%2011 - Chapter 11: Printing * Of all media...

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