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Chapter 14: How New Weapons Emerge and How to Contain Them Interesting: We HAVE to continue to develop new weapons because The enemy continually strives to get the upper hand. When one succeeds in a development, the other is motivated To develop a counter weapon. Action causes Re-action -- The Knight = the Pike was developed to counter him -- The Machine Gun = the Tank was developed to counter it. -- Weapons may be offensive or defensive, or BOTH. = Star Wars – the U.S. could launch with impunity = Bush’s Defense Initiative -- A country mush have skilled people to “man” the new weapons. i.e. the longbow (needed experienced people) vs. the gun -- Autocratic states were pre-disposed to build up permanent, pro- fessional armies composed of soldiers lacking high level of individual skill. FIREARMS WERE PERFECT FOR THE UNSKILLED SOLDIER. -- What counted was iron discipline. Procedures were drummed into them. = Lined up and walked into machine guns! 1/3 died! -- Centralized states reeked of discipline and loved mercenary armies. -- Guns made a lot of noise – appeared terrifying = became symbols of male virility and potency -- THE FIT OF A MILITARY TECHNOLOGY WITH ESTA- BLISHED INTERESTS AND WAYS OF DOING THINGS MAY BE OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE FOR ITS ADOPTION. -- Stupidity and short-sightedness can delay a weapon. = For example: the Machine Gun: Gatling and Maxim England and France were slow to utilize it since They were heavy and cumbersome devices that Had to be supported by large gun carriages. = NO effort was made to develop it because pre-set thinking prevailed. (US, Fr, Engl) = Germany saw its potential and developed it! = Tanks: Believed best for support weapons. In the 20’s and 30’s tanks were designed to only move as fast as footsoldiers! They were supposed to rip through barbed wire And neutralize the enemy’s weapons, but NOT Play an independent role. 1 1
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= In the U.S.S.R, young cadre of officers were open to new weapons. They improved the tank and made the best in the world = “T-34” = After WWI, young German officers though differently, the tank later slashed through Poland, France, etc. The Panzer. Germany copied the tactics of Fuller (Englishman) and DeGaul (Frenchman). * Organizational Interests and the Air Weapon
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105%20Chapter%2014 - 1 Chapter 14 How New Weapons Emerge...

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