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Chapter 17: Governing Technology * Organizations play a key role in the kind of technology we get: -- Consumers influences -- Employers influences * Government Involvement Republic via granting of patents and copyrights -- Read page 294 (Art 1, Sec. 8) -- Government also indirectly sponsors development of technology via education (after Sputnik) and via accessories (i.e. jet\ aircraft, then airports, terminals, roads, inspectors, etc.) * Every technological change brings with it an assortment of auxiliary consequences, some of them are pernicious -- When you buy a car, you need a) insurance, b) repairs, c) monthly payments. -- For society, there is pollution, congestion, etc. -- The government insists on pollution-control devices (catalytic con- verters) and inspections. * Government can encourage or discourage technology by credits, taxes and motivating people to invest in equipment. Another technique is “Accelerated Depreciation.” -- Oil producers were blessed by government, granting depletion allowance that offset corporate taxes. = As a result, petroleum-based energy technology expanded! -- The Energy Crisis of the early ‘70’s – a break for alternative fuel sources = wind mills = tax credit. * Technology plows ahead, ready or not -- Difficulty: music downloaded off internet. Record companies sued. Ownership rights protected!
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105%20Chapter%2017 - 1 Chapter 17 Governing Technology...

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