solution[1] - insurance compnay can have many patients...

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Consider the following business rules for a patient appointment system: Draw the ER Diagram A  doctor  can be scheduled for  many appointments, but may not have any  scheduled at all. Each appointment is scheduled with exactly 1 doctor. A patient  can   schedule   1   or   more   appointments.   One   appointment   is   scheduled   with  exactly 1 patient. An appointment must generate exactly 1 bill, a bill is generated  by only 1 appointment. One payment is applied to exactly 1 bill, and 1 bill can be  paid off over time by several payments. A bill can be outstanding, having nothing  yet paid on it at all. One patient can make many payments, but a single payment  is made by only 1 patient. Some patients are insured by an insurance company.  If   they   are   insured,   they   can   only   carry   insurance   with   one   company.   An 
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Unformatted text preview: insurance compnay can have many patients carry their policies. For patients that carry insurance, the insurance company will make payments, each single payment is made by exactly 1 insurance company. Given the above information, the following ERD can be drawn: is insured by *pat_idnumber pat_firstname pat_lastname pat_address pat_city pat_state PATIENT *ins_name ins_benefitscontact ins_phonenumber ins_claimsaddress INSURANCE COMPANY *pay_receiptnumber pay_amount pay_date pay_method PAYMENT *doc_physicianidnumber doc_firstname doc_lastname DOCTOR *bill_number bill_amountinsured bill_amountnotinsured bill_datesent bill_status BILL *app_date *app_time app_duration app_reason APPOINTMENT is scheduled for pays is made by generates makes schedules...
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solution[1] - insurance compnay can have many patients...

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