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Club Management Guest Lecture

Club Management Guest Lecture - • City Clubs 2000 Clubs...

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Club Management Private Club – A place where people with a common bond of  some type – similar interests, experiences, backgrounds,  professions, etc. --  can congregate for social and recreational  purposes. Characteristics: * Not open to the public * Must make application * Must be accepted by the membership * Usually pay dues Why Join?: Exclusive atmosphere  Statement of Social Position Recreational Facilities Employment Perk Family Tradition
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Types of Clubs Country Clubs  Most Common (6000-7000) Clubhouse and Golf Course Average Membership – 650 Average Initiation - $16,000 Average Monthly Dues - $260
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Unformatted text preview: • City Clubs 2000 Clubs in US Food and Beverage Avg. Membership - 1200 Avg. Initiation Fee - $2500 Avg. Monthly Dues - $110 Military Athletic Tennis Yacht Corporate – Club Corp Developer Owned What Does Club Manager Do? 1. Primary Goal – Service Excellence “provide club members with a positive experience every time they come to the club” Extraordinary Service is the difference between private clubs and public. 2. Supervise multiple outlets and events 3. Report to the Board of Directors – Financial Cons and Pros!!...
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  • Club Management, Private Club, Average Monthly Dues, Avg. Monthly Dues, Avg. Initiation Fee, Facilities Employment Perk

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