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Extraordinary Service Ballot

Extraordinary Service Ballot - Extraordinary Service Ballot...

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Extraordinary Service Ballot Name:______________________________________ Please put an X next to your favorite! Choose only one. You may not vote for your own idea! 5 points for winning team 3 points for 2 nd place and 1 point more 3 rd place ____ 1. Laundry/Drying Services for members if they stain their clothes or it starts raining on the golf course. ____ 2. Member-Guest Tournament: Have every player’s six pack in a cooler on their golf cart. ____ 3. Present free special anniversary dinner in a private area of the club (champagne, flowers, chocolate covered strawberries) ____ 4. Designated Driver Space – on weekends or special events. ____ 5. Remembering what people drink and having it at the bar already without asking them. ____ 6. Being knowledgeable of the members likes and dislikes. Knowing the menu and specials so that you can offer the correct items. This knowledge may include religion and allergies that may eliminate certain foods. ____ 7. Family calls ahead for Tom’s birthday. He loves to golf and has been talking about the new Titleist Vokey Wedge (golf club). We would have it for him when he shows up for his birthday.
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