Extraordinary Service Ballot

Extraordinary Service Ballot - Extraordinary Service Ballot

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Unformatted text preview: Extraordinary Service Ballot Name:______________________________________ Please put an X next to your favorite! Choose only one. You may not vote for your own idea! 5 points for winning team 3 points for 2 nd place and 2 points for 3 rd place ____ 1. Musical and Comedian Guests for VIP members. ____ 2. Two weeks prior to the members wedding anniversary, one finely dressed employee will hand deliver a bottle of champagne with an invitation to a special candle light dinner at the club, compliments of management, and childcare will be provided during dinner. ____ 3. Adding personal touches as employees to particular events that occur in the resort. ____ 4. I assisted in the birthing of a members wife. ____ 5. Cab service for members who cannot drive home. ____ 6. Once a month spa days at the club along with laundry service that would have clothes ready and in locker when member arrives. ____ 7. You pull up to the club and they get your clubs out of your car and polish them, park your car, and...
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