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DiffCustLectFall02 - HRIM 330 Dealing with Difficult...

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HRIM 330 Dealing with Difficult Customers Lecture Why customers leave as according to study (Customer Relationship Management – Making Hard Decisions with Soft Numbers, Anton, Jon, 1996): 1% - Die 14% - Various reasons 17% - Dissatisfied with the product 68% - Shortcomings in customer service Types of Difficult Customers - The following types of difficult customers and pointers to help deal with each category: “Bullies” – May explode or just generally be pushy. Are often your regular or “special” customers. Separate from other customers if possible. May be calmer after letting off some steam. Be firm but polite. Always maintain eye contact. “Whiners” – Often their attitude stems from a larger and different problem. Be empathetic (to their larger problem if you can identify it). Ask for specifics of their complaint by asking them to specify vague wordings such as “always” or “never”, etc.
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