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Principles Of Cooking Cooking : The transfer of energy from a heat source to a food. This energy alters the food’s molecular structure, changing it’s texture, flavor, aroma, and appearance. A) Methods of Heat Transfer : 1 ) Conduction : movement of heat from one item to another through direct contact. ie. Gas burner flame touches the bottom of a sauté pan. Heat is conducted to the pan, and pan conducts heat to the surface of product in the pan. a) Relatively slow method of heat transfer due to fact that heat is transferred from the exterior of a product to the interior. b) Method of heating from exterior to interior allows for a range of temperatures in a product. 2 ) Convection : refers to the transfer of heat through a fluid, which may be liquid or gas. Two Types of Convection a) Natural : occurs because of the tendency of warm liquids and gases to rise while cooler ones fall causing a natural circulation ie: the cooking of stocks b) Mechanical : relies on mechanical means to circulate heat. ie: stirring a pot, convection ovens
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Principles_Of_Cooking_lecture - Principles Of Cooking...

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