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Catcher in the Rye vocab

Catcher in the Rye vocab - 1 Many people who work for...

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1. Many people who work for teleshopping companies try to chisel people by making them buy their products. 2. Some skaters who are really good slide their skateboard down the banister and do tricks so they can land which is cool. 3. Most boys in high school are rubbernecks and are always thinking perverted. 4. Many of the rated R horror movies are very gory and give little kids nightmares from just their trailers. 5. My father tells me at times that when he was around my age movies were only five cents to go watch. 6. People in the bourgeois are simple people who need a tax break since the taxes are really high. 7. The church on Main Ave has its covenant on the street behind the church which is good for the nuns. 8. Students now a day’s don’t have blasé anymore and don’t care about their futures. 9. The basketball player was very conceited and so he never passed the ball. 10. The pastor had given an enlightening preaching today, and really opened up my eyes to what’s going on in society.
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