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ERP Market overview

ERP Market overview - ERP Market overview Software analysts...

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ERP Market overview Software analysts, publishers, consulting organizations, systems integrators and industry media organizations use a continuum of terms and definitions for describing either the same or slightly overlapping business software customer market segments. Here are some definitions and understanding to the three most commonly used business software tiers. Here is a chart showing ERP License Revenue Share by Customer Company Size: Tier 1: Fortune 1000, Global 5000 or Enterprise Market . The terms to describe 'big' enterprises have evolved as big businesses keep getting bigger. Several years ago, the term 'Fortune 1000' was frequently cited. As those companies grew and more large companies came into the fold, the term 'Fortune 2000' became commonly used as that next 1000 companies were unquestionably businesses beyond the middle market category. As big business growth continues unabated, the term 'enterprise' has become the de facto standard for many in the ERP software industry and other technology industries. Tier 2: Mid-Market, Middle Market or Mid-Range . Any one of these customer market terms may be randomly used depending upon the speaker or industry. While some market segments and industries simply categorize themselves as either SME/SMB or Enterprise, several other industries - including the business software industry - recognize the significant customer differences between small business and big business and therefore use this in-between category. From a ERP software perspective, there are several profound differences (e.g. software scope, software functionality, software utilization, system integration, customization, support, etc.) between 'small' and 'medium' customer segments. Therefore the term 'middle market' is frequently used, while the SME or SMB terms are frequently replaced with just the 'Small Business' term.
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