Arena Football -A Numbers Game Video Transcript

Arena Football -A Numbers Game Video Transcript - Arena...

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Arena Football: A Numbers Game Video Transcript Mike Polisky, President/General Manager Chicago Rush: Modesty aside, we have most talented front office in the league. We won the commissioner award for the best organization in the league. And we are always the organization, when new teams come in visit with us and call us. A lot of our materials are passed on throughout the league and utilized. It is really because we have such tremendous staff. Narrator: American Football is a game of inches and American Indoor Football the Arena Football League is no exception – but it might be better to say that Football is a game of numbers – A bunch of guys with numbers on their backs playing in to put the biggest numbers on the board by the end of the game and try to rack up best numbers by the end of the season. But the great joy of the sport is despite the numbers anything can happen. Take the Chicago Rush, the Windy city’s Arena Football league team. Back in 2006, after finishing the regular season with mediocre 7-9 record the Rush barely earned a wild card spot to the playoffs. The hard tenacity and lots of great numbers drove them to win the league Championship. For a team which never even made it to the final game in its six year history, that is pretty impressive performance. And you can bet, the title is having a serious impact on different set of numbers – The Chicago Rush’s bottom line. Like any other business sports runs on profit. And Arena Bowl World championship can expect to improve attendance, concession revenue, merchandising and every other aspect of business. Mike Polisky: Chicago loves a champion, that’s one thing we know for sure. Anecdotally some of the business stories have been positive for us. E-mail conversations, phone conversations with clients and with the corporations in the past five years, have been less than enthusiastic about partnering with us, now are taking meetings very quickly. Narrator: Chicago is a prolific sports city with 16 professional sports teams including two professional Baseball teams, which is very rare. That means fierce competition and though Arena football started in 1987 and is the second longest tenured Football league in the history behind NFL, it is only recently it gained the popularity it deserves. From a financial perspective teams like the Rush are major investments that may not produce huge profits per years or even decades. Mike Polisky:
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Arena Football -A Numbers Game Video Transcript - Arena...

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