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Broad Reach Sailing Video Transcript - Broad Reach Sailing...

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Broad Reach Sailing Video - Transcript Narrator: Some people dream of retiring. Buying a sailboat and sailing off into the sunset. Todd Williamson and Jim Miranda co-owners of 3rd Coast Cruising and Broad Reach Sailing, may be decades from retirement, But, they sail off into the sunset just about every day. Working in an office every day for the rest of their lives didn't appeal much to either of them. So, they decided to do something about it by starting their own business. Taking the entrepreneurial plunge turned their day job into their dream job. And in 5 short years, business took off. Todd Williamson : As I was getting ready to take my Captain's test, I actually met Jim while crewing on a 50 foot boat that he was sailing on. We had similar ideas about starting a small sailing company. Got to talking, went sailing a few times together and decided to go for it. Jim Miranda I had 2 kids at the time. For me, it was definitely, one of well ok, well. .. Let's see. How do we get away and actually justify having a boat? Well, this is how we're going to do it. Todd Williamson : I'm going to start a business. My partner, Captain Jim and I started a sailing school and charter company. We were building that for a few years and we got big enough that we decided that we wanted to get into the fractional sailing. And fractional sailing is a lease-share program similar to what you might do on a time- share on a property, but, instead of a property, it's a yacht. Narrator: In the United States we often associate entrepreneurs with small businesses, but did you know that many very big companies like DuPont, Avon, Wal-mart, Kodak, Proctor & Gamble, Ford Motor Company and were all started by entrepreneurs? They may have started out small, but their companies grew into giants, creating countless jobs and making a huge impact on our economy. Todd Williamson : Our first year in business, we started with 2 boats. My partner, Captain Jim and myself, essentially, we had no idea what we were doing.
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We were picking people up off the shore and seeing if they might like to go for a boat ride for a few bucks. Jim Miranda You start out with what is called delusions of grandeur as far as what you want to do. The Jimmy Buffett, Maragritaville summer sailing and how everything is going to be just wonderful. And realize that you're actually in a service industry and not everybody's going to share your same enthusiasm. You're dealing with the customer. And the customer, although always right, may not always be happy. And the old saying of you can't please all the people all the time is definitely true. Todd Williamson For us, it is about keeping things fun and fresh. A lot of the other companies want to convince you that sailing is difficult; it's something that's almost unattainable. We believe the exact opposite. Sailing is easy. And there’s only one reason you would ever get on a sailboat, and that's
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Broad Reach Sailing Video Transcript - Broad Reach Sailing...

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